CHCDIV001 | Work with Diverse People

CW OLD Version
Valentina GonzalezAdrian Gurgone

CW OLD Version

The Culture Works! (CW), takes you through a series of content and activities that will help you to:

  • build self-awareness of your own, and other cultures in the workplace
  • recognise the impact that your personal values and culture can have on how you view a situation
  • identify how cultural assumptions can have an affect on how you work with others
  • reflect on how cultural misunderstandings and conflict affects work relationships
  • consider ways to improve communication with people from diverse backgrounds

To complete this course you will need to:

  1. Complete the pre-course tasks; 
  2. Complete the online activities and worksheets for each module; and
  3. Keep a journal.  Space will be provided to enter your thoughts as you go along in the course.

The following are the options available for enrolment:

Option 1:     Professional Development (PD)

You may complete the course at your own pace and on successful completion of all modules you will receive a completion certificate via email. Your site manager may sign it off for you. If you are not currently working, please contact CVI Fortis at to receive a signed copy of your certificate.

Option 2:     VET recognition for unit CHCDIV001 Working with diverse people

This is a workplace assessment option. You will receive an enrolment pack which outlines the process and timeframe for assessment. You will be required to complete the following:

1.  Online Culture Works! Course completion (9 short modules)

2.  A written assessment (integrated into the online modules)

3.  Workplace observation (Supervisor statement or an agreed third party assessor)

To enrol in the course, choose one of the payment options below:





We look forward to supporting you through your learning journey.